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Anne-Marie Buckland
MS, RCP, EFT trained.

Your Recovery Therapist

I hold a Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling and I am a Recovery Coach Professional. I am a proponent of Healing Centered Engagement, Person-centered therapy and walking compassionately alongside those who desire healing. 


My recovery began in 2015. Sobriety is a blessed and beautiful way of life I am grateful for every day! Moving out of maladaptive, addictive patterns into freedom is the best gift you can give yourself and everyone in your life. I believe we all have the capacity to regulate our emotions, grow in mindfulness and develop practices for a sustained and amplified recovery. In addition to my yoga practice, I hike, telemark and nordic ski, paint, dance, and enjoy cooking foods rich in nutrients and taste. I enjoy being in the process of seeking God’s presence in all I do.

   You are the best resource for your recovery. 

 I’m here to  help you find the healing path you 

 are capable of walking!  

Holding Hands

Personalized compassionate partnership for recovery.


Navigating difficult relationships. Healing from Narcissistic abuse and becoming a better family member, friend, and partner.

Team Hugging

Escaping isolation and finding new supportive communities.

Lets Work Together

We can work together one on one, at a location of your choosing or virtually

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415 812 5500

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